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… a boutique private client law firm specialising in family law. Family law differs from other areas of the law in that relationship breakdown or disputes regarding children are particularly personal and difficult for those involved. As such family law disputes require a special set of skills, both professional and personal.

We will give you clear, objective and pro-active advice while taking a practical route to achieving an appropriate outcome. From the beginning we will keep you informed of all developments in your case and use our many years of experience to achieve the best result possible for you.

The firm takes on only a limited number of clients at any one time so that each client receives focused, personal advice and attention.

Where possible we try to resolve disputes before they reach a Court as this is usually the best option for all concerned, both in terms of legal costs and in terms of preserving lines of communication between the parties going forward.

We do not act in District Court cases.

It is important to note that the information on this site is not designed to replace the need for high quality legal advice as each client has a unique set of circumstances. However, it may give you some understanding of the issues involved.

Divorce and Separation

We advise our clients of the potential implications of separation and divorce and provide objective, sensitive legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances.


There is a legal responsibility on spouses to maintain each other and also any dependent children of the marriage in accordance with their means.

Access/Custody of Children

For married couples, both parents are automatically Guardians of their children and have joint custody of them.


Generally speaking one parent is not permitted to relocate to another country without the consent of the other parent.

Civil Partnership

After many years on the political agenda the Civil Partnership Bill 2009 was published during the summer of that year.


New rights and obligations relating to couples that cohabit have been introduced pursuant to the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations…

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Couples intending to marry in Ireland are free to enter into pre-nuptial agreements if they wish to.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence remedies are normally sought in the District Court. The most common orders sought are:…


Pensions are often a significant marital asset, especially since the bursting of the property bubble. There are a number of different categories of pension…

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